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  A Beautiful Mistress.
  "All The Words In All The World"
  "You Bid Me Try"
  'Ave a 'eart!
  'Bobbie' for Brotherhood
  'Den' - a Memory
  'Look at The Clock!' : Patty Morgan The Milkmaid's Story
  'Monstre' Balloon
  'Snapdragon' a Riddle for a Flower Book
  'Tis The Last Rose of Summer
  A Bachelor Hen
  A Bad Break
  A Bald-Headed Man
  A Ballad of John Silver
  A Bard's epitaph
  A Basket of Flowers
  A bird came down
  A bird came down
  A Birthday
  A birthday present
  A Blackbird's Nest
  A Boat on the Sea
  A bottle and a friend
  A boy named Sue
  A Boy's Tribute
  A boys song
  A Bridal Toast
  A brief ballad of Araby
  A Brief Pedigree
  A Broken Appointment
  A broken friendship
  A Bronze Head
  A bunch of roses
  A Bunch of Roses
  A Bush Christening
  A Butterfly
  A Cabbage Patch
  A Cattle Plague
  A Challenge To The Dark
  A Change of Air
  A change of menu
  A Channel Passage
  A Child Asleep
  A Child of Mine
  A Child of Mine
  A child said, What is the grass?
  A Child's grace
  A Childs amaze
  A Childs prayer
  A Christ-child Day in Australia
  A Christmas Ghost Story
  A Christmas Prayer
  A Christmas Prayer
  A Circular
  A clear midnight
  A clock stopped
  A coat
  A Coincidence
  A Compensation
  A complaint
  A Confidant Without Knowing It; Or The Stratagem
  A Conversation at Dawn
  A Conversation at Dawn
  A Coquette Conquered
  A Cowherding girl
  A Cradle Song
  A Crazed Girl
  A Crazed Girl
  A Cruel Mistress
  A Curse For A Nation
  A Day for Wandering
  A Dead Friend
  A Dead Friend
  A Dead Lily
  A Dead Rose
  A death day recalled
  A Death in the Bush
  A Deduction
  A Deep Sworn Vow
  A Description of One of the Pieces of Tapistry at Long-Leat
  A Dialogue Between The Soul And Body
  A Dialogue Of Self And Soul
  A Disagreement
  A Disqualified Jockey's Story
  A Diversion
  A divine image
  A divine image
  A Divine Mistress
  A dog's mistake
  A door just opened
  A Dramatic Poem
  A dream
  A dream
  A Dream
  A dream of a blessed spirit
  A Dream Of A Blessed Spirit
  A dream of death
  A dream or no
  A dream within a dream
  A Drinking Song
  A drop fell
  A Drunken Man's Praise Of Sobriety
  A Drunken Man's Praise Of Sobriety
  A Faery Song
  A Family Failing
  A fantasy of war
  A farewell
  A Father and a Dad are not the same
  A Father to his son
  A fiddler in the north
  A Fiddler In The North
  A Fine Sight
  A First Confession
  A Fishermans baby
  A Fledgling
  A Flight of Wild Ducks
  A Foot-Note
  A Foot-Rule
  A Foot-Rule
  A Fragment
  A Freak of Spring
  A Friend's Illness
  A Frolic
  A Gallant Gentleman
  A Gallop of Fire
  A Genteel Family
  A Girdle
  A Good casserole
  A grace after dinner
  A grace before dinner
  A Grey Road
  A Health To Ane I Loe Dear
  A highly valuable chain of thoughts
  A Holy War
  A House Of Refuge
  A huge frog and I
  A Hyde Park Larrikin
  A Hymn
  A Hymn To God The Father
  A Jest Of Robin Hood
  A Job for McGuinness
  A King In Exile
  A La Promenade
  A lake and a fairy boat
  A Lament
  A Lass Wi' A Tocher
  A Last Confession
  A Lay of Fairy Land
  A Lay of St. Gengulphus
  A Lay of St. Nicholas
  A Lecture Upon The Shadow
  A Letter From Palestine
  A Letter Home
  A Life
  A Light Exists In Spring
  A little boy lost
  A little boy lost
  A little boy needs Daddy
  A little girl lost
  A little girl needs Daddy
  A little girl needs Daddy
  A Little Mistake
  A Love by the Sea
  A Lover's Complaint
  A Lover's Complaint
  A lover's quarrel
  A Lover's Quarrel Among the Fairies
  A lyric to mirth
  A make believe
  A Man May Tear A Jewel
  A Man Young And Old - Complete
  A Man Young And Old: I. First Love
  A Man Young And Old: II. Human Dignity
  A Man Young And Old: II. Human Dignity
  A Man Young And Old: III. The Mermaid
  A Man Young And Old: IV. The Death Of The Hare
  A Man Young And Old: IX. The Secrets Of The Old
  A Man Young And Old: V. The Empty Cup
  A Man Young And Old: VI. His Memories
  A Man Young And Old: VII. The Friends Of His Youth
  A Man Young And Old: VIII. Summer And Spring
  A Man Young And Old: X. His Wildness
  A Man Young And Old: XI. From Oedipus At Colonus
  A Man's A Man For A' That
  A Man's Requirements
  A Marriage Ring
  A mate can do no wrong
  A Matter of Knack
  A Meditation in Time of War
  A meeting with despair
  A Memory Of Youth
  A Memory Of Youth
  A Memory.
  A Message from Lake Dongtin to Premier Zhang
  A Message from my Lodge at Wangchuan to Pei Di
  A Message to Commissioner Li at Zizhou
  A Mixed Marriage
  A Model For The Laureate
  A Morning Song
  A Morning Walk
  A mothers lament
  A mothers lament
  A Motor Courtship
  A mountain station
  A Musical Instrument
  A mystic as soldier
  A narrow fellow in the grass
  A Nativity
  A naughty little comet
  A new heaven
  A New Psalm For The Chapel Of Kilmarnock
  A Night in June
  A night on the convoy
  A Night-Rain In Summer
  A Nocturnal upon St. Lucy's Day, Being the Shortest Day
  A noiseless patient spider
  A Nursery Darling
  A Paradox
  A Parental Ode to My Son, Aged 3 Years and 5 months
  A Parental Ode to My Son, Aged 3 Years and 5 months
  A Parody
  A Parody On "The Wayside Well"
  A Pastoral
  A Plantation Bacchanal
  A pleasaunt Iest
  A Plough And A Spade
  A Poem (With English Translation)
  A Poet
  A Poet To His Beloved
  A Poet To His Beloved
  A Poison Tree
  A poplar and the moon
  A Post-Cup Tale
  A pot of tea
  A Prayer
  A Prayer For My Daughter
  A Prayer For My Son
  A Prayer For Old Age
  A Prayer On Going Into My House
  A prayer to the Wind
  a pretty a day
  A pretty woman
  A Priest Poem
  A Prisoner in a Dungeon Deep
  A Protest and a Protest
  A psalm of Life
  A Purse-String
  A Rajput Love Song
  A recipe
  A Red, Red Rose
  A Retort
  A Revolutionary Hero
  A Rhapsody Of A Southern Winter Night
  A Rivulet
  A Rose-Bud By My Early Walk
  A Rub
  A Saint's Infirmity
  A Scot to Jeanne D'Arc
  A Scotchman Whose Name Was Isbister
  A Sea Song
  A Sea-Side Walk
  A Serenade
  A Ship, An Isle, A Sickle Moon
  A Sierran Sunrise
  A sight in the camp
  A Simile
  A sincere man am I
  A Singer of the Bush
  A singular Thing
  A smile to remember
  A Snake Yarn
  A snowy morning
  A Soldier's Valentine
  A Song
  A Song
  A Song
  A Song
  A Song From 'The Player Queen'
  A Song From a Sandhill
  A song from the suds
  A Song In October
  A Song of a Young Lady to Her Ancient Lover
  A Song of Light
  A Song of Sydney
  A Song of Sydney
  A Song Of The Seasons
  A Song of Winter Weather
  A Sonnet of the Moon
  A Sonnet on Cervantes
  A Sorcerer Bids Farewell To Seem
  A Spanish Love Song
  A Spanish Love Song
  A Spring Song
  A Spy
  A Stanza Added In A Mason Lodge
  A Statesman's Holiday
  A Stick Of Incense
  A strange wild song
  A subaltern
  A Sultrier Dawn
  A Summer Day
  A Summer Evening Churchyard: Lechlade, Gloucestershire
  A Summer Shower
  A Sun, Which is A Star
  A Sunset
  A Sunset
  A Sunset Thought
  A Sunstroke
  A Tale Of Reverse, or The Reverse Of A Tail
  A tale of two swannes.
  A terre
  A Thanksgiving to God for His House
  A Thermometrical Ballade
  A Thermometrical Ballade
  A Thought For A Lonely Death-Bed
  A Thought From Propertius
  A Thought Of The Nile
  A Thunderstorm in Town
  A time for everything
  A Tippling Ballad
  A Toccata Of Galuppi's
  a total stranger one black day
  A Town Window
  A Trembling Star
  A Triolet
  A Une Femme
  A Valediction: Of Weeping
  A valediction:Forbidden Mourning
  A Valentine
  A Valentine
  A View of the Han River
  A Violinist
  A vision
  A Vision Out West
  A Voice From The Bush
  A Walgett Episode
  A Walts With a Tear in It
  A wanderer
  A wanderer
  A Waukrife Minnie
  A Western Voyage
  A whispered tale
  A widow bird sate mourning for her Love
  A widow bird sate mourning for her Love
  A Winter Day
  A winter night
  A winter night
  A Winter Twighlight
  A Woman Homer Sung
  A woman to her lover
  A woman waits for me
  A Woman Young And Old
  A Woman's Honour
  A woman's last word
  A Woman's Shortcomings
  A Word to Texas Jack
  A working party
  A Wounded Deer
  A Year's Spinning
  A-Shelling Peas
  Abandoned Plum-Orchard
  Abdul Abulbul Amir
  Abor Amorris
  About The Nightingale
  About The Sheltered Garden Ground
  Above Eurunderee
  Above Lavender Bay
  Absent Yet Present
  Absent-minded Andra
  Abt Vogler
  According to the Mighty Working
  Ad Finem
  Adam Armour's Prayer
  Adam's Curse
  Address To A Haggis
  Address To Edinburgh
  Address to the barley seed
  Address To The De'il
  Address To The Shade Of Thomson
  Address To The Sunset
  Address to the toothache
  Address To The Unco Guid, Or The Rigidly Righteous
  Address To The Woodlark
  Address To The Woodlark
  Address To The Woodlark
  Adieu to a Soldier
  Advice to a Lover
  Advice: to himself
  Ae a fond kiss
  Ae a fond kiss
  Ae a fond kiss
  Aedh Gives His Beloved Certain Rhymes
  Aedh Tells Of A Valley Full Of Lovers
  Aedh Wishes For The Cloths Of Heaven
  Aedh Wishes For The Cloths Of Heaven
  Aesthete in the Avenue
  After a hundred years
  After a journey
  After apple picking
  After Great Pain, A Formal Feeling Comes
  After Long Silence
  After Petrarch
  After the rain
  After The Storm
  After the Storm
  Afternoon in School
  Against rhetorical and ornate verse
  Against the Dispraisers of Poetry
  Against Unworthy Praise
  Ah, are you digging on my grave
  Ah, woe is me, my Mother dear
  Albert and his savings
  Albert and the 'eadsman
  Albert's return
  Alfred Tennyson
  Alice and the White Knight
  Alice Ray: A Romance In Rhyme: Canto I
  Alice Ray: A Romance In Rhyme: Canto II
  Alice Ray: A Romance In Rhyme: Canto II
  Alice Ray: A Romance In Rhyme: Canto III
  All Souls' Night
  All The Wide World Is But The Thought of You
  All things are ours
  All Things Can Tempt Me
  All things decay and die
  Alternative Song For The Severed Head In `The King Of The Great Clock Tower'
  Altho' he has left me
  Altiora Peto
  Always Comes Evening
  Amics Bernart de Ventadorn
  Among School Children
  Amor Autumnalis
  An Acre Of Grass
  An Acrostic
  An Anacreontick
  An Answer to Various Bards
  An Appointment
  An Apprehension
  An Australian Symphony
  An Autumn Evening in the Mountains
  An emu hunt
  An Enigma
  An epitaph on a child
  An Evening in Dandaloo
  An Evening Reflection
  An Exception
  An Image From A Past Life
  An Imitation Of Anacreon
  An Imperial Elegy
  An Inconvenience
  An Indian-Summer Reverie
  An Insectarian
  An Irish Airman Foresees His Death
  An Ode, On the Death of Mr. Henry Purcell
  An Old Colonists Reverie
  An old French poet
  An Old Song
  Anashuya And Vijaya
  And like a Dying Lady, Lean and Pale
  And The Moon And The Stars And The World
  And therefore if to love
  And this I dreamt, and this I dream
  And Thou Art Dead, As Young and Fair
  And Wilt Thou Weep When I Am Low?
  And Wilt Thou Weep When I Am Low?
  And You, Helen
  Andy's Gone With Cattle
  Anecdote for Fathers
  Anecdote for fathers
  Angelic Love
  Annabel Lee
  Annabel Lee
  Another Acrostic ( In the style of Father William )
  Another Acrostic ( In the style of Father William )
  Another Economic Riddle
  Another Song of a Fool
  Another Yankee Doodle
  Answering Vice-prefect Zhang
  Anthem for Doomed Youth
  Anthem for Doomed Youth
  Antonio Machado
  Any wife to any husband
  anyone lived in a pretty how town
  Apologia Pro Poemate Meo
  April Rain
  April Rain Song
  April Rain Song
  Are You Content?
  Are you the Cove?
  Arms and the boy
  Around the corner
  Art thou pale for weariness
  Artesian Well
  Artist and Model
  As A Perfume
  As Broad As It's Long
  As Bronze May Be Much Beautified
  As I Ebb'd With the Ocean of Life
  As I grew older
  As I have seen upon a bridal day
  As I Lay With My Head in Your Lap, Camerado
  As long as your eyes are blue
  As The Sparrow
  Ask me no more
  Aspects Of The Pines
  At Algeciras - A Meditaton Upon Death
  At April
  At Awaji
  At Calvary near the Ancre
  At Cape Schanck
  At Castle Boterel
  At Castlewood
  At Christmas
  At Cock Crow
  At Fontainebleau
  At Galway Races
  At Her Window
  At Last
  At Last
  At Last
  At School
  At sea
  At Tauba's death I swore
  At The Abbey Theatre
  At the Aquarium
  At the beating of a drum
  At the door
  At the door
  At the Melting of the Snow
  At the zoo
  Atalanta In Camden -Town
  Atlantis may be Six Feet Under
  Atta's Song
  Auguries of Innocence
  Auld lang syne
  Auld Rob Morris
  Australia's Pride
  Australian War Song
  Autumn And Winter
  Autumn Casualties
  Autumn Eve
  Autumn Evening
  Autumn Landscape
  Autumn moonlight
  Autumn Song
  Autumn Song
  Autumn Song
  Autumn Wealth
  Autumn: A Dirge
  Ave, Caesar
  Avril, La Douce Esperance
  Awa' Whigs, awa'
  Awake at night
  AWhen I was one and twenty
  Ay, workman, make me a dream
  Baby Mine
  Baby's first journey
  Back to the army again
  Bad Morning
  Balin and Balan
  Ballad of Autumn
  Ballad of Autumn
  Ballad of Queensland
  Ballad of the Canal
  Ballad of the elder son
  Ballad of the Unfortunate Mammals
  Ballad on the American War
  Ballades I - To Theocritus, in Winter
  Ballades I - To Theocritus, in Winter
  Ballades III - Of Blue China
  Ballades IV - Of Life
  Ballades V - Of His Choice of a Sepulchre
  Banjo, Of The Overflow (Parody)
  Bannocks O' Bear Meal
  Barque Of Yearning
  Base Details
  Bathed and washed
  Battalion Relief
  Be kind to thy father
  Be My Mistress Short or Tall
  Beautiful city
  Beautiful Lofty Things
  Beautiful Soup
  Beauty Implacable
  Beauty Imposes
  Beauty that Is Never Old
  Because I Could Not Stop For Death
  Because She Would Ask Me Why I Loved Her
  Because you love me
  Because your eyes were two flames
  Bed in Summer
  Bed in Summer
  Beef Tea
  Been there before
  Before and after Summer
  Before Dawn
  Before Day
  Before Sunrise
  Before the battle
  Before The World Was Made
  Beggar To Beggar Cried
  Behold the Hour the Boat Arrives
  Behold, My Love, How Green The Groves
  Behold, My Love, How Green The Groves
  Being Brave at Night
  Belphegor Addressed To Miss De Chammelay
  Ben Lomond
  Ben Lomond
  Ben Nevis
  Ben Nevis
  Beneath the Redwoods
  Beowulf (Episode 01)
  Beowulf (Episode 02)
  Beowulf (Episode 03)
  Beowulf (Episode 04)
  Beowulf (Episode 05)
  Beowulf (Episode 06)
  Beowulf (Episode 07)
  Beowulf (Episode 08)
  Beowulf (Episode 09)
  Beowulf (Episode 10)
  Beowulf (Episode 11)
  Beowulf (Episode 12)
  Beowulf (Episode 13)
  Beowulf (Episode 14)
  Beowulf (Episode 15)
  Beowulf (Episode 16)
  Beowulf (Episode 17)
  Beowulf (Episode 18)
  Beowulf (The Prelude)
  Bessie's Boil
  Bessy And Her Spinnin' Wheel
  Between the lines
  Between Two Loves
  Beware O' Bonnie Ann
  Beyond the stars
  Billy Vickers
  Billy's Rose
  Bird Song
  Birds In The Night
  Birds in the Trenches
  Birds Of Passage
  Birthday Honors
  Bitter Strawberries
  Black and Gold
  Black Laughter
  Black Pine Tree In An Orange Light
  Blood And The Moon
  Blow Softly, Thrush
  Blow, blow, thou winter wind
  Blow, bugle, blow
  Blown from the west
  Blue and Buff
  Blue and White
  Blue Moles
  Blue Shoes
  Blue Wings
  Boldness in Love
  Bonnie Peg-a-Ramsay
  Bonnie Wood O' Craigielea
  Book Of Love - Love's Torments
  Border Ballad
  Botany-Bay Flowers
  Bound for Sourabaya!
  Bound Home to Mount Song
  Bow, Wow, Wow
  Braving Angry Winter's Storms
  Braving Angry Winter's Storms
  Braw Lads O' Gala Water
  Bread and Wine
  Break o
  Break O' Day
  Break of day
  Break of day in the trenches
  Break Of Day!
  Bridal Ballad
  Bride of the Fire
  Brightness Breaches and the Beak
  Bring Her Again
  Brink of Eternity
  Britannia's Pastorals
  Broken Dreams
  Brooding Grief
  Brother and Sister
  Brother Wind
  Brown Penny
  Brown Penny
  Brumby's Run
  Buffalo Country
  But only three in all God's universe
  By Allan Stream
  By That Smile Which Made Me Blest
  By the Grey Gulf-water
  By the Rivers of Babylon We Sat Down and Wept
  By The Sea
  Ca' The Yowes To The Knowes
  Camomile Tea
  Canine Conversation
  Canute the Great
  Careless Matilda
  Cassidy's Epitaph
  Castle Gordon
  Cecily Parsley
  Celia Bleeding, To the Surgeon
  Change Upon Change
  Channel Crossing
  Channel Firing
  Chanson d'Apr
  Chant d'automne (Song Of Autumn)
  Chant of Autumn
  Charlie, He's my darling
  Charms of Precedence - A Tale
  Cheerfulness Taught By Reason
  Child of Dawn
  Child's Park Stones
  Child's Park Stones
  Child's Song
  Childe Roland To The Dark Tower Came
  Children Chapter IV
  Children need a Daddy
  Children need a Daddy
  Childrens Rhymes
  Chimney Stacks
  Chloe Divine
  Chorus of Eden Spirits
  Christmas Roses
  Christmas Scene
  Christmas Shopping in Cactus Center
  Christmas Welcome
  Church And State
  City of Dreadful Thirst
  Clancy of The Overflow
  Clerihew - Alexander
  Clerihew - Burne-Jones
  Clerihew - Stubbs
  Cloony The Clown
  Close Both My Eyes
  Clouds and Waves
  Colemira : A Culinary Eclogue
  Colemira. A Culinary Eclogue
  Coleridge's Cristabel
  Colonel Martin
  Colonus' Praise
  Come Gather Round Me, Parnellites
  Come Home!
  Come out with me
  Come Slowly
  Comfort To A Youth That Had Lost His Love
  Composed upon Westminster Bridge, September 3, 1802
  Concerning the Philosophers Stone (alchemical verse)
  Concert party
  Conroy's Gap
  Constable M
  Constant Beauty
  Coole Park And Ballylee,
  Coole Park And Ballylee, 1931
  Coridon to his Phillis
  Coridon to his Phillis
  Corn Medicine
  Corrinna's going a maying
  Counter Attack
  Country Roads ~ Pretty Sally
  Craigieburn Wood
  Cramped in that funnelled hole
  Crazy Jane And Jack The Journeyman
  Crazy Jane And The Bishop
  Crazy Jane Grown Old Looks At The Dancers
  Crazy Jane On God
  Crazy Jane On The Day Of Judgment
  Crazy Jane On The Mountain
  Crazy Jane Reproved
  Crazy Jane Talks With The Bishop
  Cricket Is A Serious Thing.
  Crossing the bar
  Crowdie Ever Mair
  Cuchulain Comforted
  Cuchulain's Fight With The Sea
  Cultural Exchange
  Cupid and Plutus
  Da Comica Man
  Da Sweeta Soil
  Dad on the Test
  Daddy Fell into the Pond.
  Daddy's Girl
  Daddy, I love you
  Daddy, I love you
  Dainty Davie
  Damon and Sylvia
  Damon and Sylvia
  Dan's Fortune
  Datur Hora Quieti
  David Cleek
  Day is dying
  Day that I have loved
  Daybreak in a garden
  Daybreak in Alabama
  Daylight is Dying
  Days when we went Swimming
  De Fust Banjo
  De Profundis
  Dead Man's Dump
  Dead Men's love
  Dead Men's Love
  Dead Musicians
  Death and Burial of Lord Tennyson
  Death and Burial of Lord Tennyson
  Death and Doctor Hornbrook
  Death be not proud
  Death be not proud
  Death is nothing at all
  Death of the Eagle
  Delight in disorder
  Demon And Beast
  Description of an Author's Bedchamber
  Desire Of Vastness
  Desire Of Vastness
  Desire Of Vastness
  Despondency: An ode
  Despondency: An ode
  Destroyer of Ships, Men, Cities
  Devotion to Duty
  Dialogue of Myrddin and Taliesin
  Did you never know
  Died of Wounds
  Ding dong bell
  Dinner guest
  Dirty Jim
  Disdain Returned
  Distant Time
  Divination by a daffodil
  Do I love thee?
  Do Not Leave Me
  Do Not Leave Me
  Do not stand at my grave and weep
  Do not stand at my grave and weep
  Do you think that I do not know
  Do You Think That I Do Not Know?
  Does it matter?
  Doin' the Boots for Sunday
  Don Juan
  Don't be angry if I write
  Doom Of Beauty
  Dover Beach
  Down by the salley gardens
  Down the burn, Davie
  Dr. Doddridge's dog
  Dream deferred
  Dream Forest
  Dream Variations
  Drink the Nectar
  Drummer Hodge
  Dulce Et Decorum Est
  Dulce Et Decorum Est
  Duncan Davison
  Duncan Gray
  Dust of Snow
  Duty Surviving Self-Love, The Only Sure Friend Of Declining Life. A Soliloquy
  Duval's Birds
  Earliest Spring
  Early Rising
  Early Spring
  Easter Snow
  Echo Verses.
  Eclogue the First Selim
  Eclogue the Fourth Agib
  Eclogue the Second Hassan
  Eclogue the Third Abra
  Editorial Impressions
  Eglogo (fragmento)
  Ego Dominus Tuus
  Eleazar Wheelock
  Elegy in April and September
  Elegy XIX
  Elegy XVII: On His Mistress
  En Sourdine
  Enter This Deserted House
  Epilogue - To the Tragedy of Cleone
  Epistle to a young friend
  Epistle To Colonel De Peyster
  Er Companatico Der Paradiso (Heaven's Food)
  Er Duello De Davide (David's Duel)
  Escape From The Snares Of Love
  Eternity of Love Protested
  Eve- Song
  Even though we've lived apart
  Even though we've lived apart
  Evening Harmony
  Evening Harmony
  Evening Ode
  Evening Star
  Everyone Sang
  Everything passes and vanishes
  Excerpts from Laila's Poems for Tauba
  Exclusion (The soul selects her own society)
  Extent of Cookery
  Extracts From Leon. An Unfinished Poem
  Eyes And Tears
  Faces in the street
  Facing West From California's Shores
  Fairy Tale
  Faithless Nelly Gray
  Fall in, my men, fall in
  Fallen Majesty
  Falling Asleep
  False Love and True Logic
  Fancy Dress
  Fantasies of a Love Thief
  Fare thee Well
  Farewell Eliza
  Farewell Eliza
  Farewell Frost or Welcome Spring
  Farewell Frost or Welcome Spring
  Farewell if Ever Fondest Prayer
  Farewell if Ever Fondest Prayer
  Farewell Song To The Banks Of Ayr
  Farewell Thou Stream
  Farewell Thou Stream
  Farewell to a name and a number
  Father And Child
  Father Riley's Horse
  Fathers day thanks
  Feast Of Victory
  Fed Up
  Female Beauty
  Fergus And The Druid
  Fickle Fortune
  Fight to a Finish
  Finch & Frog
  Fire and Ice
  First Arrivals
  First day at school
  First Fig
  First Love
  First Meetings
  Fishing Nooks
  Five little toes in the morning
  Flannan Isle
  Flight of the fairies
  Flirt and Phil
  Flying squirrels
  Flying squirrels
  Fond Memories Of Farm Life
  Footsteps of Angels
  For a rainy day
  For Anne Gregory
  For each ecstatic instant
  For that brief moment
  For the fallen
  For the fallen
  For The Sake O' Somebody
  For The Sake O' Somebody
  For you, O democracy
  Forever Lost
  Four things make us happy
  Four Winds
  Frae The Friends And Land I Love
  Frae The Friends And Land I Love
  Fragrant orchids in the valley
  Fraidie Cat
  Frances keeps her promise
  Fredman's song no. 10
  Free Love
  Freedom's plow
  Friends Beyond
  Friends Beyond
  From a full heart
  From A Full Moon In March
  From Leyli and Mejnun
  From Market
  From My Childhood
  From The 'Antigone'
  From the bay at Tago
  From the Far West
  From this day forward
  From wonder world
  From you I have been absent
  from........Witches' Song
  Frying Pan's Theology
  Fuji In A Saucer: The Poem
  Funeral Blues
  Funeral Blues
  Fur and feathers
  Furry Bear
  Galloping Horses
  Gathering Song of Donald the Black
  Generation to Generation
  Generation to Generation
  Genial Impulse
  Gentle Doctor Brown
  George and the chimney sweep
  George and the Dragon
  Ghazal 1
  Ghazal 1 (With English Tranlation)
  Ghazal 1 (With English Translation)
  Ghazal 16
  Ghazal 4
  Gilhooley's Estate
  Girl's Song
  Give me strength
  Glenfinlas; or, Lord Ronald's Coronach
  Glory of Women
  Go catch a falling star
  Go On, Sweet Bird, And Sooth My Care
  Go On, Sweet Bird, And Sooth My Care
  Go, tak thi ragg'd childer an' flit
  Goblin Revel
  God Bless Our Good and Gracious King
  God's Acre
  Godfrey Gordon Gustavus Gore
  Going to school
  Going to see Grandmamma
  Golden Slumbers Kiss Your Eyes
  Gone Down
  Good - Better - Best
  Good Advice
  Good Counsel to a Young Maid
  Good-Bye My Fancy!
  Goodbye my fancy
  Goosey, Goosey, Gander
  Gratitude To The Unknown Instructors
  Greater Love
  Growing Old
  Growing Up
  Gudewife, Count The Lawin
  Guess Who?
  Guid Ale keeps the heart aboon
  Gunga Din
  Gunner Joe
  Had I A Cave
  Had I the choice
  Had I The Wyte? She Bade Me
  Half Moon
  Half Moon
  Halfway up the stairs
  Ham, Shem. and Japhet
  Handsome Nell
  Hans Carvel's Ring
  Hans Huckebein part one
  Happy Days
  Happy Days
  Hare Bells
  Harmonie du soir (Evening Harmony)
  Harry Morant
  Has Your Soul Sipped?
  Hast Thou Forgotten Me?
  hastee apnee Hubaab kee see hai
  Hay and Hell and Booligal
  He Bids His Beloved Be At Peace
  He chanted a song of wizardry
  He Had So Much Work To Do
  He Hears The Cry Of The Sedge
  He Loves
  He Loves
  He made no promise
  He Mourns For The Change That Has Come Upon Him And His Beloved, And Longs For The End Of The World
  He never expected much
  He Remembers Forgotten Beauty
  He Reproves The Curlew
  He Tells Of The Perfect Beauty
  He That Loves A Rosy Cheek
  He Thinks Of His Past Greatness When A Part Of The Constellations Of Heaven
  He Thinks Of Those Who Have Spoken Ill Of His Beloved
  He Wishes His Beloved Were Dead
  Heart, we will forget him
  Heaven's clouds
  Heccar and Gaira
  Henry the seventh
  Her Answer
  Her Anxiety
  Her Dream
  Her Praise
  Her Triumph
  Her Vision In The Wood
  Here dead we lie
  Here's A Health To Them That's Awa
  Here's His Health In Water
  Here's To Thy Health
  Hey diddle diddle
  Hey the dusty miller
  Hi Spy
  Hiawathas' photographing ( Part III )
  Hiawathas' photographing ( Part IV)
  Hickery Dickery Dock
  Hide and seek
  High Explosive
  High Flyers
  High Talk
  Highland Harry back again
  Highland Mary
  Highly Desireable
  Hint From Voiture
  His apologies
  His Bargain
  His Confidence
  His Dream
  His Litany, To The Holy Spirit
  His Litany, To The Holy Spirit
  His meditation upon death
  His Phoenix
  His prayer for absolution
  Hither, Hither, Love
  Holy Dan
  Holy Sonnet X:Death be not proud
  Holy Thursday
  Holy Willie's Prayer
  Home (It takes a Heap O' Livin)
  Home and the Baby
  Hope Abides
  Hope is the thing with feathers
  Hope Shines
  Hopeful Hawkins
  Hospital Barge
  Hound Voice
  How a Cat Was Annoyed and a Poet Was Booted
  How a Girl Was Too Reckless of Grammar
  How Beauty Contrived to Get Square With the Beast
  How Clear She Shines
  How do I love thee
  How do I love thee
  How Jack Found that Beans May Go Back On a Chap
  How Jack Made the Giants Uncommonly Sore
  How lang and dreary is the night
  How Little Red Riding Hood Came To Be Eaten
  How M'Ginnis went missing
  How Many Kisses: to Lesbia
  How Rudeness and Kindness Were Justly Rewarded
  How Rumplestilz Held Out in Vain for a Bonus
  How The Favourite Beat Us
  How the Sailor rode the Brumby
  How to die
  How we backed the Favourite
  How we drove the Trotter
  Hug O'War
  Human abstract
  Human Life
  Humayun To Zobeida (From the Urdu)
  Hush a bye baby
  Hush'd be the camps today
  Hymn To Aphrodite
  Hymn To Apollo
  Hymn to love
  Hymn To Love
  Hymn to the grace
  Hymn to Venus and to Cupid
  I Taste A Liquor Never Brewed
  I am going to sleep
  I am he that aches with love
  I am not yours
  I Am Of Ireland
  I Am the Mountainy Singer
  I approach and I withdraw
  I ask of thee, love, nothing but relief
  I beheld my love this morning
  I carry your heart with me.
  I cultivate a white rose
  I Desire (With English Translation)
  I Died For Beauty But Was Scarce
  I Dips me Lid
  I Do confess thou art sae fair
  I Do Not Love Thee For That Fair
  I dreamed
  I drink the fragrance of the rose
  I Feel As Lit By Fire
  I Felt A Funeral In My Brain
  I Found Her Out There
  I gaed a waefu' gate yestreen
  I get a kick out of you
  I Go Out On The Road Alone
  I had no time to hate, because
  I Hae a wife of my ain
  I Hae been at Crookieden
  I have found
  I Have Found My Guru
  I have no life but this
  I hear America singing
  I heard a fly buzz when I died
  I heard an angel
  I heard thee laugh
  I held a Jewel
  I Know My Love
  I know the music
  I lift my heavy heart up solemnly
  i like my body when it is with your body
  I Like To See It Lap The Miles
  I Live, I Die, I Burn, I Drown
  I lived on dread; to those who know
  I looked here
  I Love
  I love my love in secret
  I Love You So
  I loved
  I measure every grief I meet
  I Never Saw A Moor
  I reign in Jeanies bosom
  I said I splendidly loved you
  I saw a new world in my dream,
  I saw his round mouth's crimson
  I saw his round mouth's crimson
  I Saw Thee Weep
  I see you dancing Father
  I Send Letters
  I sing the body electric
  I sit and look out
  I sit and look out
  I Sit and Think
  I sometimes think
  I Still Miss You
  I stood with the dead
  I think I should have loved you presently
  I thought once how Theocritus had sung
  I waited for you yesterday since morning
  I Wandered Lonely As a Cloud
  I Want To Die While You Love Me
  I Was A Bustlemaker Once, Girls
  I was not he
  I watched thee
  I Who Live Though I Have Died
  I will be here
  I will be here
  I will sing the praises of Hari
  I wonder
  I would live in your love
  I'd like to be
  I'll Go And Be A Sodger
  I'll Meet Thee On The Lea Rig
  I'll never forget
  I'm Nobody! Who Are You?
  I'm O'er Young To Marry Yet
  I'm so frightfully unhappy
  I, too
  If I can stop one heart from breaking
  If I were King
  If Only.....
  If thou must love me
  If thou must love me
  If You Were Coming In The Fall
  Ignatyevo Forest
  Imitated From The Japanese
  Impending Doom
  Impromptu - To Kate Carol
  Impromptu to Miss Utrecia Smith
  Improvisations: Light And Snow: 14
  Improvisations: Light And Snow: 14
  Improvisations: Light And Snow: 15
  In a hurry
  In a Kentish Rose Garden.
  In a Vale
  In a year
  In Absence
  In an apple tree
  In April
  In August
  In Barracks
  In defence of the bush
  In Examination
  In extremis
  In extremis
  In Flanders Fields
  In January
  In January
  In July
  In London
  In love
  In me, past, present, future meet
  In Memoriam A. H. H. 116
  In Memoriam XIV
  In Memory Of Alfred Pollexfen
  In Memory Of Eva Gore-Booth And Con Markiewicz
  In Memory Of Major Robert Gregory
  In memory of my Mother
  In memory of my Mother
  In My Study,
  In September
  In Spadger's Lane
  In Tara's Halls
  In the Armenian Mountains
  In the country
  In the country
  In the days the world was wide
  In The Forest
  In The Garden III: An Interior
  In The Garden IV: The Singer
  In The Garden VII: Early Autumn
  In The High Leaves Of A Walnut
  In the Land of Dreams
  In the Morning
  In the pink
  In The Prospect Of Death
  In The Seven Woods
  In The Solitude
  In the Stable
  In Time Of 'The Breaking of Nations'
  In vain
  In Winter
  In Youth I have Known One
  Indeed This Very Love
  Indian Dancer
  Indian Summer
  Interlude ~ Next Door
  Into Battle
  Into The Twilight
  Introduction to Ginger Mick
  Introductory Lines (The Shadowy Waters)
  Investigating Flora
  It Is Her Love That Gives Me Strength
  It is na Jean, Thy Bonie Face
  It isn't Costly
  It Was A' For Our Rightfu' King
  It's all I have to bring to-day
  It's Grand
  It's September
  Jack and Jill
  Jack Frost
  Jack Spratt
  James and a shoulder of mutton
  Jeremi' and Josephin
  Jim Carew
  Jimmy Dooley's Army
  Jimmy Wood
  Jock of Hazeldean
  John Barleycorn
  John Barleycorn : A Ballad
  John Kinsella's Lament For Mr. Mary Moore
  Johnie Lad, Cock Up Your Beaver
  Joi, the glug
  Joi, the Glug
  Josephus Riley
  Journey Home
  Joy Bells
  Juke Box Love Song
  June Thunder
  June Thunder
  Junto a la laguna del cristo en la aldehuela de yeltes, una noche de luna llena
  Just love and more love
  Just Thinking Of You
  Kallundborg Church ( From The Tent on the Beach)
  Keep Up Your Promise
  Keep Up Your Promise
  Kellyburn Braes
  King And No King
  King Candaules And The Doctor Of Laws
  King John
  Knockin' Around
  Kris Kringle
  Kubla Khan
  L'Amitie: To Mrs. M. Awbrey.
  L'Amour Par Terre
  La chanson du Malaime
  LA CREAZZIONE DER MONNO (The Creation of The World)
  LA DISPENZA DER MADRIMONIO (The marriage Licence)
  La fen
  La Luna y La Rosa
  La Vita Nuova
  Lady Clare
  Lady Clare
  Lady Lazarus
  Ladys Tomb
  Lament for Boromir
  Lamp Of Love
  Lancelot And Gawaine
  Land, Ho!
  Lapis Lazuli
  Last Love [Canzone]
  Last Week
  Last Words
  Last Words
  Le Flambeau Vivant (The Living Torch)
  Leave Me, My Blamer XIII
  Leda And The Swan
  Lee Fore Brace
  Leg Theory
  Legend of Rosemary
  Les Bijoux (The Jewels)
  Les Roses de S
  Les Roses de S
  Lessons for a child
  Let America Be
  Let Me Die And Dream Of Thee
  Let me go
  Let me not forget
  Let's Drink to our next Meeting
  Letter of dismissal
  Letting Go
  LI FRATI D'UN PAESE (The Friers of The Village)
  Li Galoppini (The Scroungers)
  Life in a love
  Life is Fine
  Life Is Lovely All the Year
  Life Together
  Lighthouse in the night
  Lights Along the Mile
  Like This
  Lilly-Bell and Thistledown song 2
  Limehouse Reach
  Lines and Squares
  Lines from a Canberra Stamp
  Lines in Praise of Tommy Atkins
  Lines On The Greek Massacre
  Lines Written In Dejection
  Lines written in early Spring
  Listeners Luck
  Listening to the moon
  Little Aggie
  Little Be-Pope,
  Little Bo Peep
  Little boy blue
  Little Boy Blue
  Little Brother
  Little Flute
  Little Girls and Little Lambs
  Little Gorilla
  Little Jack Horner
  Little Kids
  Little Kids
  Little Kids
  Little Little man
  Little Mouse
  Little Mouse
  Little Of Me
  Little Phillis
  Little World
  Locksley Hall
  Logan Braes
  Lol of the Lonely Pine
  London Seagulls
  Long Distance
  Long, Too Long America
  Long-Legged Fly
  Longing For Love
  Lord of my Life
  Loud without the wind was roaring.
  Love (I gave myself to him)
  Love amongst the ruins
  Love and Age
  Love And Death
  Love and Friendship
  Love And Madness
  Love Chapter II
  Love Chapter II
  Love Come And Gone
  Love dislikes nothing
  Love for Love
  Love in a life
  Love In The Guise Of Friendship
  Love In The Guise Of Friendship
  Love In The Guise Of Friendship
  Love In The Winds
  Love is
  Love Is A Parallax
  Love is a thing to become
  Love is enough
  Love Letter
  Love Lies Bleeding
  Love Quote - Cathy Carlyle
  Love Quote - Ella Wheeler Wilcox
  Love Quote - George Eliot
  Love Quote - Henry Drummond
  Love Quote - Henry Ward Beecher
  Love Quote - Marguerite De Valois
  Love Quote - Mignon McLaughlin
  Love Quote - Og Mandino
  Love Quote - Pearl S. Buck
  Love Quote - Rainer Maria Rilke
  Love Song
  Love Song for Lucinda
  Love Sonnet
  Love sonnet 109
  Love sonnet 116
  Love sonnet 130
  Love sonnet 138
  Love sonnet 147
  Love sonnet 148
  Love sonnet 18
  Love sonnet 2
  Love sonnet 44
  Love the world
  Love walked alone
  Love's Alchemy
  Love's Alchemy
  Love's Astrology
  Love's Calling
  Love's Growth
  Love's Growth
  Love's Last Adieu
  Love's Last Adieu
  Love's Last Resource
  Love's Loneliness
  Love's Philosophy
  Love's Ritual
  Love's Trinity
  love's vain expense.
  Love, though for this you riddle me with darts
  Loveliest of Trees
  Lovers, how they come and part
  Lucy Ashton's Song
  Lucy Gray
  Lucy Gray
  Lucy Strange Fits of Passion I Have Known
  Lullaby of the iroquois
  Luthien Tinuviel
  LXXXIII: Spring
  Lycus the Centaur
  Lyric to the Isles
  Ma and the Auto
  Mad As The Mist And Snow
  Mad Girl's Love Song
  Madam and her Madam
  Madam and the phone bill
  maggie and milly and molly and may
  Magna Charta
  Magnolia Shoals
  Maid of Athens, ere we part
  Maid Quiet
  Male Phoenix Pleads With Female Phoenix
  Male Phoenix Pleads With Female Phoenix
  Mallee in October
  Mamba: (The Bright Eyed) An Aboriginal Reminiscence
  Mammas and babies
  Man And The Echo
  Many red devils ran from my heart
  Mariana In The South
  Marigold Garden
  Marit's Song
  Marjories Almanac
  Mark Antony
  Market Square
  Marriage Morning
  Marriage Morning
  Mary Called Him 'Mister'
  Mary's Lamb
  Masonic Song
  Master Brock
  Master Hippo
  Matin Song
  Matter For Gratitude
  May Flower
  may i feel said he
  May I feel said he
  May Woods
  May Woods
  May Woods
  Mediocrity in Love Rejected
  Meditation on a cold, dark, and rainy night
  Meditations By The River Mtkvari
  Meditations In Time Of Civil War
  Meeting among Mountains
  Meeting at night
  Memorial Tablet
  Men of Verdun
  Men who march away
  Metamorphoses: Book The Fourth
  Methought I saw my late espoused saint
  Methought I saw my late espoused saint
  Michael Robartes And The Dancer
  Mid-Forest Fear
  Middle Ages
  Midnight in the Pantry
  Mine is the Lifter of Mountains
  Minstrel man
  Mira Danced with Ankle Bells
  Miranda's Song
  Miss me
  Miss me
  Miss me, but let me go
  Miss Me, But Let me Go
  Miss Molly and the little fishes
  Modern Love
  Mohini Chatterjee
  Moments Indulgence
  Monologue of a Mother
  Moonlight in the Pines
  More strong than time
  More strong than time
  Morgan's dog
  Morituri Salutamus: Poem for the 50th Anniversary of the Graduation
  Morning Express
  Morning Glory
  Morning Glory
  Morning Land
  Morning Song
  Most Precious Dear Loving Mother
  Mother and Poet
  Mother nature
  Mother nature
  Mother o' Mine
  Mother to son
  Mother's day proclamation
  Mothers' Excuses
  Mount Zhongnan
  Mourning His Concubine
  Mr. Barney Maguire's Account of The Coronation
  Mulga Bill's Bicycle
  Mulligan's Mare
  Mungojerrie and Rumpelteazer
  Murdering Beauty
  Music I Heard
  My body, in its withering
  My Curate's Motor Bike
  My Dead Dream
  My delight and thy delight
  My Divine Lysis
  My Fairy
  My Father walked through Dooms of love
  My Garden
  My Grandmother's Love Letters
  My Hat!
  My Heart and I
  My Heart Thinks as The Sun Comes Up
  My Heavy Heart
  My Lady
  My Last Duchess
  My Light Thou Art
  My Little Girlie
  My Mistress Commanding Me to Return Her Letters.
  My Nose
  My old football
  My Orcha
  My People
  My Retreat at Mount Zhongnan
  My Scenario
  My star
  My Thrush
  My true love hath my heart
  Nacken - Water Demon
  Narva and Mored
  Nature's questioning
  Near Lanivet
  Ned Kelly was a Gentleman
  Negligent Mary
  Negro speaks of rivers
  Neighbour Peter's Mare
  Neutral Tones
  Never Give All The Heart
  Never Return These Hours
  New love and old
  New Moon
  News For The Delphic Oracle
  Night and Morning
  Night funeral in Harlem
  Night Piece
  Night settles
  Night settles
  Nightingales, A Sigh, A Whisper
  Nimrod in September
  Nina's Reply
  Nineteen Hundred And Nineteen
  Ninny Nanny Netticoat
  No Choice
  No end of no story
  No Second Troy
  Nocturne: The Bedroom
  Nora's Vow
  Not 'How did he die?' but 'How did he live?'
  Not death but love
  Not On It
  Not quite dark yet
  Nothing On Earth Permanent
  Now sleeps the crimson petal
  Now winters night enlarge
  Nuns Fret Not at Their Convent's Narrow Room
  Nurse no long grief
  O Camp Of Flowers
  O captain, my captain
  O Do Not Love Too Long
  O Earth, Art Not Thou Weary
  O Heart of Spring
  O Hymen! O hymenee!
  O me! O life!
  O mistress mine
  O Singer in Brown
  O Wind that Blows Out of the West
  O' Lyric Love
  O'er The Wood's Brow
  O'Hara, J.P.
  October in New Zealand
  Ode On Indolence
  Ode On Intimations Of Immortality
  Ode to a Nightingale
  Ode to Apollo
  Ode to Himself
  Oft Do I Dream
  Oh that I might capture
  Oh! Death will find me, long before I tire
  Oh! Snatched Away in Beauty's Bloom
  Oh! Snatched Away in Beauty's Bloom
  Oh! snatched away in beauty's bloom
  Oh, If That Rainbow Up There
  Old Age
  Old And New
  Old black Jacko
  Old man platypus
  Old Memory
  Old Mother Seward
  Old Schooldays
  Old Tom Again
  Old Town Types - Captain Curly Taplin
  Old Town Types No 20
  Old Town Types No.2
  On A Picture Of A Black Centaur By Edmund Dulac
  On A Political Prisoner
  On Being Asked For A War Poem
  On Certain Pastorals
  On Death
  On Delia -- (written at Berkhamstead)
  On Don Surly
  On Giles and Joan
  On Grouse (An Exceprt)
  On Hearing That The Students Of Our New University Have Joined The Agitation Against Immoral Literat
  On Kiley's Run
  On Mr. C -- Of Kidderminster's Poetry
  On Seeing a Piece of Our Artillery Brought into Action
  On The "Betis"
  On the Bridge
  On the Death of a Poet
  On the death of a sister
  On the death of a sister
  On the death of that most excellent lady,
  On the desert
  On the just and unjust
  On the moon and springtime
  On the Nature of Love
  On The Plains
  On the wall top
  On Those That Hated The 'Playboy Of The Western World,' 1907
  On Woman
  On your wedding day
  Once upon a time
  Once Upon A Time.....
  One hour to madness and joy
  One Word is Too Often Profaned
  One's Self I Sing
  One, Two, Three!
  Only a Curl.
  Only our love
  Only roses
  Only roses
  Ophelia (with translation)
  Orange peel
  Orinda To Lucasia
  Ough''A Phonetic Fantasy
  Our corrugated Iron Tank
  Our Cow
  Our Street
  Our Visitor
  Out Fishin'
  Out of Sight
  Out of the cradle
  Out of the rolling ocean
  Out West
  Over the Fence
  Over the fields
  Overhead On A Saltmarsh
  Overheard By A Stream
  Owen Aherne And His Dancers
  Pain In Pleasure
  Paper Boats
  Paper Kate
  Parnell's Funeral
  Past and Future.
  Pastor Cum
  Path that Leads to Nowhere
  Patience Taught By Nature
  Patient Mercy Jones
  Pauline, A Fragment of a Question
  Peace Restored
  Peace Restored
  Peach Blossoms
  Peek a boo
  Perfect Woman
  Perfect Woman
  Perplexed Music
  Persuasions to Joy, a Song
  Phantasmagoria Canto I (The Trystyng )
  Phantasmagoria CANTO II ( Hys Fyve Rules )
  Phantasmagoria CANTO III ( Scarmoges )
  Phantasmagoria CANTO IV ( Hys Nouryture )
  Phantasmagoria CANTO V ( Byckerment )
  Phantasmagoria CANTO VI ( Dyscomfyture )
  Phantasmagoria CANTO VII ( Sad Souvenaunce )
  Phoebe's Wooing
  Picture Show
  Pine-Trees and the Sky: Evening
  Pinkle Purr
  Pippa's song
  Pitchin' at the Church
  Pithecanthropus Erectus
  Places among the stars
  Po' Boy Blues
  Poem For Beverly
  Poem of Life
  Poet to His Love
  Poets, towers of God
  Polly Dibbs
  Pompeii And Herculaneum
  Pope And McDowell
  Poppies in October
  Porphyria's Lover
  Pour out your sorrows, my heart
  Power of Love
  Power of Love
  Prelude to an Unwritten Masterpiece
  Pretty Cow
  Prince Tatters
  Professor Noctutus
  Progress of Advice
  Proud of My Broken Heart
  Puppy and I
  Purple Clover
  Pussy cat sits by the fire
  Quantum Sufficit
  Quarrel In Old Age
  Queen Hilda of Virland
  Queen Matilda
  Quiet Girl
  Quis Separabit?
  Quoi Bon Dire
  Quoi Bon Dire
  Quote from MacBeth
  Rabbi Ben Ezra
  Rabbi Ben Ezra
  Rain in the Mountains
  Real Swimming
  Recipe For A Hippopotamus Sandwich
  Red Lips are not so Red
  Remember Thee, Remember Thee
  Remind Me Not, Remind Me Not
  Remorseful Apology
  Repression of War Experiences
  Responsibilities - Closing
  Responsibilities - Introduction
  Retaliation: A Poem
  Rice Pudding
  Rich Man
  Richard Minutolo
  Riders in the Stand
  Riding Song
  Rime 08
  Rime 208
  Rime 28
  Ring a Ring
  Rio Grande
  Rio Grande's Last Race
  Rio Grande's Last Race
  Robbie's Statue
  Roger Casement
  Rosalind's Scroll
  Rose Leaves
  Running To Paradise
  Running water
  Running water
  Sachem's Hill
  Said and did
  Sailing to Byzantium
  Saltbush Bill J.P.
  Saltbush Bill on the Patriarchs
  Saltbush Bill's Gamecock
  Saltbush Bill's Second Flight
  San Terenzo
  Santa Claus
  Santa Claus in the Bush
  Sappho to Phaon (Ovid Heroid XV)
  Say Goodbye when your Chum is Married
  Schneider Strauss
  Schneider Strauss
  Scotty's Wild Stuff Stoo
  Scrub Cattle
  Sea Calm
  Sea of Sunset
  Sea Sickness
  Sea Song
  Seasonal Cycle - Chapter 04 - Pre Winter
  Seasonal Cycle - Chapter 05 - Winter
  Seaweed, Tussock, and Fern
  Second Best
  Second Fig
  Secrecy Protested.
  Secrecy Protested.
  Secret Music
  See it Through
  Send Round the Hat
  September 1913
  Serranilla (English translation)
  Sevdo, Sevdo // Sweetheart, Sweetheart
  Sez you
  Shakuntala Act 1
  Shakuntala Act II
  Shakuntala Act III
  Shakuntala Act IV
  Shakuntala Act V
  Shall I Love Again ?
  She rose to his requirement
  She walks in beauty
  She was a Phantom of Delight
  She's all my fancy
  Shelley's skylark
  Shelley's Skylark.
  Shepherd And Goatherd
  Shouting for a camel
  Sick Leave
  Since Jessie Died
  Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
  Sir Launcelot and Queen Guinevere
  Sir Launcelot and Queen Guinevere
  Sir Walter
  Sister Jane
  Six o'clock in Princes Street
  Six Songs for Chloe: Going to Bed
  Sixteen Dead Men
  Sixty Years Ago
  Sleep peacefully
  Sleep Teases A Man
  Sleeping Out Full Moon
  Slender's Ghost
  Slim adolescence that a nymph has stripped
  Slumber Song
  Sly Dick
  Smile, smile, smile
  Smile, smile, smile
  So, we'll go no more a-roving
  So, We'll Go No More A-Roving
  Sohrab and Rustum: An Episode
  Soldier's Dream
  Soldier, Soldier
  Soleil et Chair (Credo in Unam) (with translation: Sun And Flesh)
  Solomon And The Witch
  Solomon To Sheba
  Solon Stiles
  Some families of my acquaintance
  Some Time
  Some time
  Somebody's Mother
  Something told the wild geese
  Soneto XVIII
  Soneto XXIII
  Song Books of the War
  Song III
  Song of Autumn in the Springtime
  Song of hope
  Song of love XXIV
  Song of myself
  Song of Snobs
  Song of the Brown Sea Rat
  Song of the Foot Track
  Song of the Old Boundary Rider
  Song of the Old Boundary Rider
  Song of the Old Bullock-Driver
  Song of the Rain
  Song of the Restless Stream
  Song of the Stars
  Song of the Wheat
  Song Of Thyrsis
  Song of Twilight
  Song. Mediocrity in love rejected.
  Songs From
  Sonnet 1
  Sonnet 130
  Sonnet 130
  Sonnet 145: "Those lips that Love's own hand did make..."
  Sonnet 18: Shall I Compare Thee To A Summer's Day?
  Sonnet 2 (Sonnet II)
  Sonnet 3 (Sonnet III)
  Sonnet 4
  Sonnet 4 (Sonnet IV)
  Sonnet 5 (Sonnet V)
  Sonnet 6 (Sonnet VI)
  Sonnet 7 (Sonnet VII)
  Sonnet 8: "Music to hear, why hear'st thou music sadly?"
  Sonnet CCII:
  Sonnet CCXLI: There is no greater sorrow, Dante said"
  Sonnet CXII:
  Sonnet CXXXII: "Love has no triumph and no future crown"
  Sonnet I - I thought once how Theocritus had sung
  Sonnet II
  Sonnet II - But only three in all God's universe
  Sonnet III - Unlike are we, unlike, O princely Heart!
  Sonnet IV - Thou hast thy calling to some palace-floor
  Sonnet IX - Can it be right to give ..
  Sonnet LVII
  Sonnet LVII
  Sonnet LXV: Is love a pleasure or a pain in mask"
  Sonnet LXXIII: Maybe you'll remember
  Sonnet on the Sonnet
  Sonnet Reversed
  Sonnet To A Clam
  Sonnet to Lord Bothwell - 4
  Sonnet VI -Go from me.
  Sonnet VII The face of all the world is changed
  Sonnet VIII - What can I give thee back
  Sonnet X - Yet, love, mere love....
  Sonnet XI - And therefore if to love....
  Sonnet XII - Indeed This Very Love
  Sonnet XIII - And wilt thou have me ..
  Sonnet XIV - If thou must love me ..
  Sonnet XIV. Composed While Climbing The Left Ascent Of Brockley Coomb, In The County Of Somerset
  Sonnet XIX - The soul's Rialto ..
  Sonnet XL - Oh, yes ! they love through
  Sonnet XL - Oh, Yes! They Love
  Sonnet XLI - I thank all who have loved..
  Sonnet XLII - My Future will not copy
  Sonnet XLIII - How do I love thee
  Sonnet XLIV - Belov
  Sonnet XV. The Photograph.
  Sonnet XVI (Sonnet 16)
  Sonnet XVII (Sonnet 18)
  Sonnet XXVI: "When we two parted, on a summer day"
  Sonnet xxx
  Sonnet xxx
  Sonnet XXXVI: "If dreaming of thee be a waste of time"
  Sonnet: Beauty Of Her Face
  Sonnet: Spirit Of Love
  Sonnets on the Sea's Voice
  Sophia's fools cap
  Sordello: Book the Fourth
  Sordello: Book the Third
  South Wind
  Spanish Song
  Spells and Incantations
  Spike Wegg
  Spilt Milk
  Spirits of the dead
  Spring - (from Guarini)
  Spring - The First Pastoral ; or Damon
  Spring breezes over the blue
  Spring Chimneys
  Spring Comes Without A Telegram
  Spring Delirium
  Spring Offensive
  Spring Rain
  Spring Showers
  Spring Song In The City
  St Nicholas
  St. George And The Dragon
  St. Julian's Prayer
  Stand to - Good Friday Morning
  Stanzas - To the Memory of an agreeable Lady, buried in marriage to a Person undeserving her
  Stanzas To Jessy
  Stepfathers are no less than those of blood
  Still Here
  Stinkomalee triumphans
  Storm and sunlight
  Storm Fear
  Strange Hells
  Strange Meeting
  Stray /Birds 21- 30
  Stray Birds 1 - 10
  Stray Birds 11- 20
  Stray Birds 31 - 40
  Stray Birds 41 - 50
  Stray Birds 51 - 60
  Stray Birds 61 - 70
  Stray Birds 71 - 80
  Stray Birds 81 - 90
  Stream And Sun At Glendalough
  Street Show
  Stretcher case
  Stringy Bark and Green Hide
  Strong Mercy
  Styx River Anthology
  Suggested By The Singing Of A Bird Early In March, 1868
  Suicide in the Trenches
  Suicide off egg rock
  Suicide's Note
  Sultry Night
  Summer Lightning
  Summer Noon
  Summer Schemes
  Summer Shower
  Summer Shower
  Summer's Armies
  Summer's Armies
  Sunrise on the Coast
  Supernatural Songs
  Sweet Dancer
  Sweet Springtime
  Sweet Torture
  Swift's Epitaph
  Swing high and swing low
  Swinging the Lead
  Take away love
  Take o take
  Tam o' Shanter
  Tasmanian Magpies
  Tasmanian Magpies
  Tea Talk
  Tears for Lesbia
  Tears, idle tears
  Teddy Bear
  Tell me why
  That dark Dweller in Braj
  That Flesh is Grass is Now as Clear as Day...
  That Half-Crown Sweep
  That now is hay some-tyme was grase
  That The Night Come
  That There Dog O' Mine
  That time of year
  That time of year
  That time of year
  That time of year
  That V.C.
  That's the way
  The Landing of the Pilgrim Fathers
  The 'ole in the Ark
  The Abbreviated Fox and his Sceptical Comrades
  The Acorn
  The Ad-Dressing of Cats
  The Adieu
  The affliction of Margaret
  The Aged Lover Renounceth Love
  The Airman
  The All Right 'Un
  The alligators children
  The Amateur Rider
  The Ambitious Fox and the Unapproachable Grapes
  The Amorous Courtesan
  The Ancient Town of Leith
  The Angel
  The Angel
  The Angel
  The Ant Explorer
  The Ants
  The Anxious Dead
  The Apparitions
  The applicant
  The arguement of his book
  The Army Mules
  The Arrow
  The Arrow of His Glance
  The Arsenal at Springfield
  The art of catching flies
  The Artists
  The Atheist And The Acorn
  The Auction
  The Australian Slanguage
  The Australian Sunrise
  The Auto
  The Autumn
  The Autumn
  The Avaricious Wife And Tricking Gallant
  The Axeman
  The Ballad of Cockatoo Dock
  The Ballad of Cockatoo Dock
  The Ballad Of Father Gilligan
  The Ballad Of Father O'Hart
  The Ballad of G. R. Dibbs
  The Ballad of M. T. Nutt and His Dog
  The Ballad Of Moll Magee
  The Ballad Of The Foxhunter
  The Ballad of Zacho (a Greek legend)
  The Balloon Of The Mind
  The Band
  The banjo player
  The Banshee
  The Barber's Story
  The bargain
  The Battle of Hastings
  The Battler
  The Beast
  The Beautiful Land of Nod
  The beauty of death
  The Beauty Places
  The Bee
  The Beggar to Mab, The Queen Fairy
  The Beginning
  The Bells
  The Best Portion Of A Good Man's Life
  The Best Thing in the World
  The Billy-Goat Overland
  The Billy-Goat Overland
  The Birch Trees
  The Bird and the Tree
  The Birth Of Love
  The Black Finger
  The Black Fool's Speech
  The Black Tower
  The Blackbird
  The Blessed
  The Blind Archer
  The Blizzard
  The Bluebell
  The Blues
  The Bobolink
  The Botanic Garden (Part IV)
  The Botanic Garden (Part V)
  The Botanic Garden (Part VI)
  The Botanic Garden (Part VII)
  The Botanic Garden( Part II)
  The Box-Tree's Love
  The Boy Soldier
  The boys and the apple tree
  The Break of Day
  The breaking of nations
  The breath of new hope
  The Bridal Ballad
  The bridge of sighs
  The broken drum
  The Bucking-Tub
  The Bulletin Hotel
  The Bunyip
  The Burial of the Reverend George Gilfillan
  The Burial of the Reverend George Gilfillan
  The Bush
  The Bush Lover
  The Bushfire - an Allegory
  The Butterfly
  The Butterfly
  The Call of Stoush
  The Call of the May
  The Calls
  The Calm Of The Sea
  The camel's hump
  The Cap And Bells
  The Captain
  The Case Of Conscience
  The Cat And The Moon
  The Cats have come to Tea
  The Celebrated Woman - An Epistle By A Married Man
  The Cenotaph
  The Cenotaph
  The Chambermaid's First Song
  The Chambermaid's Second Song
  The Chances
  The Changeling
  The Changeling (From The Tent on the Beach)
  The Charge of the Light Brigade
  The Charge of the Light Brigade
  The chariot
  The child on Calvary
  The Child on Calvary
  The Children of the Mist
  The Chimney Sweeper
  The Chimney-Sweeper's Song
  The Choice
  The choral union
  The Christening
  The Christmas Children
  The Circus
  The circus animals desertion
  The Circus Animals' Desertion
  The City In The Sea
  The City of Dreadful Thirst
  The Clinchiad : Complete
  The Cloak, The Boat And The Shoes
  The Cloud Messenger - Part 03
  The Cloud Messenger - Part 04
  The Clyster
  The Cold Heaven
  The Coliseum
  The Collar-Bone Of A Hare
  The Coming Of Wisdom With Time
  The Complaint Of Ceres
  The Computation
  The confidant Peasant and the Maladroit Bear
  The Conscript
  The Contract
  The Convent Gardener Of Lamporechio
  The convergence of the twain
  The Coquet
  The Countess Cathleen In Paradise
  The Country Justice
  The Countryman Who Sought His Calf
  The Cow
  The Cradle
  The Crazed Moon
  The Cremation of Sam McGee
  The Crow
  The Crusaders
  The Cry Of Mammon
  The Cry Of The Children
  The Curse Of Cromwell
  The curtains now are drawn
  The Daft Days
  The Dagger
  The Daisies
  The Daisy - On Finding one in Bloom on Christmas-day
  The Dancer At Cruachan And Cro-Patrick
  The dancing family
  The dark house
  The dark lady sonnets
  The Dark One Is Krishna
  The Darkling Thrush
  The Dawn
  The Dawn
  The day is done
  The Daylight is Dying
  The Dead
  The Dead (Part 1)
  The dead (Part 2)
  The Dead Butterfly
  The Dead Child
  The Dead Poet
  The Dead-beat
  The death bed
  The Death of Fred Marsden, the American Playwright
  The Death of Fred Marsden, the American Playwright
  The Death of Lesbia
  The Death of Lord and Lady Dalhousie
  The Death of Lord and Lady Dalhousie
  The Death of Nicou
  The Death of Nicou
  The Dedication To A Book Of Stories Selected From The Irish Novelists
  The Dedication: to Cornelius
  The Delphic Oracle Upon Plotinus
  The Deserted Garden
  The desolate star
  The Desolate Star
  The destroying spirit
  The Destruction Of Sennacherib
  The Destruction Of Sennacherib
  The Destruction of Sennacherib
  The Devoutly Thankful Lover
  The Diggers
  The Discovery
  The Divine Image
  The divine right of kings
  The Division Of The Earth
  The Dolls
  The Dormouse and the doctor
  The Double Transformation, A Tale
  The Double Vision Of Michael Robartes
  The Doves of Venus
  The dragon and the undying
  The dream
  The Dream Keeper
  The Dreamer
  The dreamers
  The Dress-Maker
  The Drovers
  The droving days
  The dugout
  The Dunciad
  The Dunciad: Book IV
  The Dying Lover
  The Dykes
  The Eagle
  The Eagle
  The Ear-Maker And The Mould-Mender
  The Earth-Mother
  The Ecstasy
  The effect
  The Effects of Spring on Nature
  The Eldritch Dark
  The Eleusinian Festival
  The Eleusinian Festival
  The Elf and the Dormouse
  The Elm
  The Elusive New Zoo Gnu
  The Elusive New Zoo Gnu
  The End
  The End
  The End
  The Everlasting Voices
  The Exile's Hymn
  The Explanation
  The Eye of the Beholder
  The eyes of my regret
  The Faerie Queene, Book I, Canto IV
  The Faerie Queene: Book I, Canto I
  The Faery Foster-Mother
  The Fair Felon
  The Fair Felon
  The Fair Youth Sonnets (18 - 77, 87 - 126)
  The Faire Amarillis
  The Fairies Farewell, or God a Mercy Will
  The Fairy Pendant
  The Fairy's Reproach
  The Fallen Subaltern
  The Falling Of The Leaves
  The Falling Of The Leaves
  The Faltering Knight
  The Family's Homely Man
  The Farmer's Appeal From A Jackass To The Mayor
  The Fascination Of What's Difficult
  The Fathers
  The Federal Bus Conductor and the Old Lady
  The Fiddler Of Dooney
  The Fight With The Dragon
  The First Approach Of The Sweet Spring
  The First Kiss
  The First Kiss of Love
  The First School Day
  The First Steps
  The First Surveyor
  The First Thrush
  The Fish
  The Fish
  The Fisherman
  The Fisherman
  The Fisherman
  The Fishing Outfit
  The Fitzroy Blacksmith
  The flight
  The Flight of the Fairies
  The Flour Bin
  The fly away horse
  The Fog-Sea
  The Folk I Love
  The Folly Of Being Comforted
  The Fool By The RoadSide
  The Forsaken Merman
  The Fortune-Favored
  The Fountain
  The Fountain
  The Fountain
  The four friends
  The Four Princesses
  The fourth cook
  The Fox's Prophecy
  The Friend
  The Front Seat
  The Frost at midnight
  The Garden
  The garden scatters burnt-up beetles...
  The Gascon
  The Gascon Punished
  The Gaudy Flower
  The Geebung Polo Club
  The General
  The Genteel Family
  The Ghost of Deacon Brown
  The Ghost of Goshen
  The Ghost Of Roger Casement
  The Ghost of the Murderer's Hut
  The Gift
  The Gift
  The Gift Of Harun Al-Rashid
  The Gingham Umbrella
  The Girl I Left Behind Me
  The girl that lost things
  The Glove - A Tale
  The glug quest
  The Glug Quest
  The God-Forgotten Election
  The Gods Of Greece
  The going of the battery wives
  The Golden Boat
  The Golden Wine Cups of the Night
  The Goldsmith
  The grass
  The Grass
  The Grasshopper
  The Gray Magician
  The Great Calamity
  The Great Day
  The Great Hunger
  The Great Lover
  The Great Lover
  The Green River
  The Green River
  The Grey Rock
  The Groom's Story
  The Guile Of Dad M'Ginnis
  The Gyres
  The Hand of Glory, : The Nurse's Story
  The hands of love
  The happiest day-the happiest hour
  The Happy Flatite
  The Happy Townland
  The Harp Of Aengus
  The Haunter
  The Hawk
  The Hawthorn Tree
  The heart asks pleasure first
  The Heart Of The Tree
  The Heart Of The Woman
  The Hell-Bound Train
  The Herb Of Grace
  The Heritage
  The Hero of Rorke's Drift
  The Hero of Rorke's Drift
  The Hidden Tide
  The Highwayman
  The Highwayman
  The Hill
  The Hills
  The Hills
  The holy fair
  The Homeless Ghost
  The Hoosier
  The Host Of The Air
  The Hosting Of The Sidhe
  The Hour Before Dawn
  The House Of Clouds
  The House of Venus
  The Humming Top
  The Hunters
  The Iconoclastic Rustic and the Apropos Acorn
  The Imperfect Lover
  The Impossible Thing
  The Inca
  The Indian Cupid
  The Indian Cupid
  The Indian To His Love
  The Indian Upon God
  The Indiscreet Confessions
  The Inhuman Wolf and the Lamb Sans Gene
  The Investiture
  The Invidious
  The Iron Wedding Rings
  The Island of endless play
  The isles of Greece
  The Ivy Green
  The Jealous Husband
  The Jester's Sermon
  The jolly company
  The Judgement Of The May
  The Jumping Girls
  The Key (A Moorish Romance)
  The Kid
  The Kind Ghosts
  The Kings Breakfast
  The Kings Prophecie
  The Kiss
  The Kiss
  The Kiss
  The Kiss
  The Kiss
  The Kiss Returned
  The Kiss: A dialogue
  The Kitten And Falling Leaves
  The Knight whose armour didn't squeak
  The Laboratory-Ancien R
  The Labours of Ferhad
  The Lady of Shalott
  The Lady of the Lake Canto 1: The Chase
  The Lady of the Lake Canto III: The Gathering
  The Lady of the Lake Canto IV: The Prophecy
  The Lady of the Lake Canto V: The Combat
  The Lady of the Lake: Canto II - The Island
  The Lady's First Song
  The Lady's Second Song
  The Lady's Third Song
  The Lady's Yes
  The Lake Isle Of Innisfree
  The Lake Isle Of Innisfree
  The Lamb
  The Lament
  The Lamentation Of The Old Pensioner
  The Land Of Candy
  The land of Nowhere
  The Land of the Dawning
  The Landscape
  The Lark's Song
  The Last Laugh
  The Last Leaf
  The Last Love Of Gawaine
  The last meeting
  The last of his tribe
  The Last Trump
  The Lay Of A Golden Goose
  The Lay Of Ancient Rome
  The Lay of St. Odille
  The Lay of the Children of H
  The Lay of the Cid - Cantar 1
  The Lay of the Motor-Car
  The lays of sorrow
  The Lazy Writer
  The Leaders Of The Crowd
  The Legacy
  The Legatee
  The Legend of King Arthur
  The Lent Lily
  The Lent Lily
  The Lent Lily
  The Letter
  The Life Beyond
  The Life Of Love XVI
  The Light
  The lights of Cobb and Co
  The Lion and Albert
  The Little Bell
  The Little Church
  The Little Elf
  The Little Hurts
  The little jumping girls
  The Little Ladybird
  The Little London Girl
  The little people
  The Little People
  The little queen is coming
  The Little Velvet Suit
  The Living Beauties
  The Living Beauty
  The Llama
  The Lobster-Quadrille
  The Locomotive
  The lonely road
  The Lonely Woman
  The long road home
  The Look
  The Look
  The looking glass
  The Lost Drink
  The lost leader
  The Lotus-Flower
  The Love Song
  The Loveable Characters
  The Lover
  The Lover
  The Lover Asks Forgiveness Because Of His Many Moods
  The Lover Mourns For The Loss Of Love
  The Lover Pleads With His Friend For Old Friends
  The Lover Speaks To The Hearers Of His Songs In Coming Days
  The Lover Tells Of The Rose In His Heart
  The Lover Tells Of The Rose In His Heart
  The Lover's Song
  The Lovers
  The Lovers
  The Loves of the Angels
  The lovesick boy
  The lowest trees have tops
  The Lucky Horseshoe
  The Lung Fish
  The Lung Fish
  The Lure of little voices
  The lure that failed
  The Lure That Failed
  The Lyretail
  The M'Camley Mixture
  The Madness Of King Goll
  The Magi
  The Magnificent
  The Maid of Neidpath
  The Maid of the Sweet Brown Knowe
  The making up
  The Mallee Fire
  The Man
  The Man And His Horse
  The Man And The Echo
  The Man Bitten By Fleas
  The Man From Athabaska
  The Man from Goondiwindi, Q.
  The man from Ironbark
  The Man from Snowy River
  The man from Waterloo
  The man he killed
  The Man Who Dreamed Of Faeryland
  The Man Who Was Away
  The Maori Pig Market
  The Maori's Wool
  The Martry of Bovinia
  The Mary Ross
  The Mask
  The Matrimonial Stakes
  The Maypole
  The Meaning Of The Look
  The Meditation Of The Old Fisherman
  The Melodiuos Bullocky
  The Men Who Made Bad Matches
  The Men Who Stuck To Me
  The Mermaid
  The Message Of The Grass
  The Microscopic trout and the Machiavellian Fisherman
  The Miller's Bold Daughter
  The Mock Turtle's Song
  The Mole Part One
  The Monks Of Catalonia
  The Moods
  The Moon Flower
  The Morning Walk
  The Mother
  The Mother Of God
  The Mother on the Sidewalk
  The Mothers Funeral
  The Mothers Funeral
  The Mountain
  The Mountain Tomb
  The mourner
  The Muleteer
  The Municipal Gallery Revisited
  The music of your voice
  The Mylora Elopement
  The Mystery Land
  The Myth
  The Nameless Stream
  The Negro Mother
  The Negro speaks of rivers
  The Net Of Law
  The Never-Never Country
  The New Chum Jackeroo
  The New Faces
  The New Moon
  The New Year Babe
  The newcomers wife
  The Newly-Wedded
  The Newly-Wedded
  The Next War
  The Night Bird: A Myth
  The Night Has A Thousand Eyes
  The Nightingale
  The Nightingale
  The Nightingale
  The Nineteenth Century And After
  The Norsemen (From Narrative and Legendary Poems)
  The O'Rahilly
  The Occasion of the Law Suit. chapter I
  The Ocean
  The Ocean
  The Ode of Tarafah
  The Old Age Of Queen Maeve
  The Old Bark School
  The Old Bridge
  The old grey squirrel
  The Old Gumbie Cat
  The old huntsman
  The Old Man's Calendar
  The Old Men Admiring Themselves In The Water
  The Old Pioneers
  The Old Stone Cross
  The Old Timer's Steeplechase
  The Old Whim Horse
  The Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving
  The one legged man
  The Open Steeplechase
  The Ordinary Man
  The other side of a mirror
  The outlaws
  The oxen
  The Pack-Saddle
  The Pampered Lapdog and the Misguided Ass
  The Pannikin Poet
  The Parable of the Old Man and the Young
  The Park Bench
  The Parrots
  The Parson's Son
  The Pasture
  The Peacock
  The People
  The Persevering Tortoise and the Pretentious Hare
  The Phantom Horsewoman
  The Phases Of The Moon
  The Phenomenon
  The Picture
  The Pig's tale
  The Pigeons of St Marks
  The Pilgrim
  The Pity Of Love
  The Plains
  The Players Ask For A Blessing On The Psalteries And On Themselves
  The Plea Of The Midsummer Fairies
  The Pleasures of Love
  The Poet And The Bird
  The Poet and the Dun
  The poet as hero
  The Poet Pleads With The Elemental Powers
  The Poet's Love Song
  The Precipitate Cock and the Unappreciated Pearl
  The Presbyt'ry Dog
  The presence of Love
  The presence of Love
  The Price of An Equipage
  The Pride of Youth
  The Primrose
  The Primrose
  The Primrose
  The Prince's Progress
  The Prisoner
  The Progress Of Wit
  The Promise
  The Protest
  The Psalter
  The Quest Eternal
  The Quest Of Merlin: A Prelude
  The Quid Pro Quo; Or The Mistakes
  The rabbit catcher
  The Ragged Wood
  The rainbow
  The Rape Of Lucrece
  The Raven
  The Realists
  The Reaper and the Flowers
  The rear guard
  The recruit
  The Recumbent Posture
  The redeemer
  The Relic
  The Reprobate's Reply
  The Resignation
  The Results Of Thought
  The Return Of Spring
  The Reverend Mullineux
  The reverie of poor Susan
  The Rhyme of the Three Greybeards
  The Riddle of the Dinosaur
  The Ride Of Rody Burke
  The Ring Of Polycrates - A Ballad
  The rival
  The Rival Poet Sonnets (78 - 86)
  The Rivers
  The Road
  The Road not Taken
  The Roads Also
  The Romance Of The Knight
  The Root Of Pride
  The Rose
  The Rose In The Deeps Of His Heart
  The Rose Of Battle
  The Rose Of Peace
  The Rose Of The World
  The Rose Tree
  The Rude Rat and the Unostentatious Oyster
  The Ruined Maid
  The Rule Of Life
  The Rum Tum Tugger
  The Runaway Slave at Pilgrim's Point
  The Runcorn Ferry
  The Sad Shepherd
  The Saffron
  The Saint And The Hunchback
  The Sair Finger (The sore finger)
  The Scapegoat
  The Scholar-Gipsy
  The Scholars
  The Sea
  The Sea Maid
  The Sea of Sunset
  The Seafarer
  The Season of the Northers
  The Second Coming
  The Secret Rose
  The Secret Whisky Cure
  The send off
  The Sentry
  The Seraph and Poet
  The Servant Girl Justified
  The Seven Ages of Wise
  The Seven Sages
  The Seven Sisters
  The Shearer's Cook
  The Shooting of Dan McGrew
  The Show
  The Sick Abbess
  The Sign
  The Signal
  The silent one
  The Skylark
  The Slumber Angel
  The Snipe
  The soldier
  The Soldier to the Plough
  The Solitary Reaper
  The son
  The son
  The song of Australia
  The Song of Callicles
  The Song Of Hiawatha II: The Four Winds
  The Song Of Hiawatha III: Hiawatha's Childhood
  The Song Of Hiawatha XIII: Blessing The Cornfields
  The Song of the Fairies in the Ruins of Heidelberg
  The Song Of The Happy Shepherd
  The Song Of The Jellicles
  The Song Of The Old Mother
  The Song Of The Old Mother
  The Song Of The Surf
  The Song of Tigilau
  The Song Of Wandering Aengus
  The Song The Oriole Sings
  The Sonnet-Rack
  The Sorrow Of Love
  The Sotweed Factor
  The Soul's Over-Ardent Love
  The sound of the sea
  The South Seas
  The Spanish Dancer
  The Spectacles
  The spendthrift doll
  The Spirit Medium
  The Spirit Of Love
  The Splendor
  The spotted heifers
  The Spring
  The spring breeze
  The Spur
  The Statesman's Holiday
  The Statues
  The Stick-Together Families
  The Stolen Child
  The Stone
  The Stones of Gosh
  The Story of Mongrel Grey
  The Stoush O' Day
  The Strawberry
  The Summer Children
  The Sun
  The Sun
  The Sun Has Wept Rose
  The Sun of the First Day
  The Sun Rising
  The Sun's Last Rays
  The Sunflower
  The sunshine seeks my little room
  The swagman
  The Sycophantic Fox and the Gullible Raven
  The Symptoms of Love
  The tables turned
  The Tay bridge disaster
  The Tea Party
  The Tear
  The Thirteenth Satire Of Juvenal
  The Three Beggars
  The Three Bushes
  The Three Gossips' Wager
  The Three Hermits
  The Three Monuments
  The three wise kings
  The Thunder-Shower
  The Thunderstorm
  The tide rises
  The Tide River
  The Time Of The Rose Is Over
  The Toad
  The tombstone maker
  The Touchstone
  The Tragedy
  The Tragedy,
  The Travail Of Passion
  The Traveller
  The Traveller in Africa
  The Treasure
  The trees
  The Trees
  The Troops
  The Tropics
  The Troubadour
  The Truckers
  The Tryst
  The Two Comets
  The Two Friends
  The Two Kings
  The Two Lovers
  The Two MP's
  The two Princes
  The Two Swans (A Fairy Tale)
  The Two Trees
  The tyger
  The Unappeasable Host
  The Unusual Goose and the Imbecilic Woodcutter
  The Urban Rat and the Suburban Rat
  The Vainglorious Oak and the Modest Bulrush
  The Valley Of The Black Pig
  The View from the Window
  The Vine
  The Vintage
  The Violet
  The Vision Of Sir Launfal
  The Voice
  The Voice
  The Voice of Spring
  The Voice of the Lobster
  The Volunteer
  The volunteer
  The Wake
  The Wanderings Of Oisin: Book I
  The Wanderings Of Oisin: Book II
  The Wanderings Of Oisin: Book III
  The waning moon
  The Waning Moon
  The Wardens of the Seas
  The Wargeilah Handicap
  The water lily
  The Water Lily
  The Water Lily
  The Water-Witch
  The Wattle
  The Wattle
  The Way Through the Woods
  The way to wonderland
  The way your little finger moved
  The weary blues
  The Wedding
  The wedding bells
  The Welsh Marches
  The Wet Grass Of Morning
  The Wheel
  The Whippoorwill And I
  The White Birds
  The white fox glove
  The Wicked Postman
  The Wild Gazelle
  The Wild Old Wicked Man
  The Wild Swans At Coole
  The wind from the West
  The wind on the Downs
  The Wind, One Brilliant Day
  The Winding Stair
  The winds message
  The Winter's Walk
  The Wire
  The Witch
  The Witch
  The Witch's frolic
  The Witches Are Here
  The witches song
  The Withering Of The Boughs
  The Wonderful Aussie Waler
  The wooden doll and the wax doll
  The Wooer
  The workbox
  The Working Party
  The world is great
  The World Is Too Much With Us
  The World was Young, the Mountains Green
  The world's music
  The World-Soul
  The wounded cupid
  The Wreck of the Golfer
  The Wreck Of The Steamer
  The Wrestlers
  The wrong house
  The young British Soldier
  The Young Soldier
  The young year
  The young year
  The Youth and the Streamlet
  The Zepplin
  Their Frailty
  Themes for English B
  Then and Now
  There once was a fellow called Croll
  There was a boy
  There Was A Time, I Need Not Name
  There was an Old Woman
  There was, before me
  There was, before me
  There's Another Blessed Horse Fell Down
  These Are The Clouds
  These are the years
  These I Can Promise
  They Say that Hope is Happiness
  They told me it was metal
  They've come
  This pig went to market
  Thomas the Rhymer
  Those Dancing Days Are Gone
  Those Images
  Those Names
  Thou must sing alone
  Thought I was free
  Three Blind Mice
  Three Dark Maids
  Three Flowers
  Three Marching Songs
  Three Movements
  Three Rings for the Elven Kings
  Three Songs To The One Burden
  Three Songs To The Same Tune
  Three Things
  Three wise men of Gotham
  Through A Porthole
  Thunderstorm, Instantaneous Forever
  Tie the strings to my life, my Lord
  Time of Roses
  Time's revenge
  Tip a toe
  To a Billy
  To a Brown Girl
  To a Brown Girl
  To a butterfly
  To A Butterfly
  To a Cabbage Rose
  To A Child Dancing In The Wind
  To a childless woman
  To a Friend
  To A Friend Whose Work Has Come To Nothing
  To a Lady - with Flowers from a Roman Wall
  To a lock of hair
  To A May Baby
  To a Mistress Dying
  To a mouse
  To A Poet, Who Would Have Me Praise Certain Bad Poets, Imitators Of His And Mine
  To A Politician
  To A Proud Beauty
  To A Shade
  To A Snow-Flake
  To A Squirrel At Kyle-Na-No
  To a very wise man
  To A Violet
  To A Wealthy Man Who Promised A Second Subscription To The Dublin Municipal Gallery If It Were
  To A Young Beauty
  To a Young Girl
  To a Young Lady, on Her Birthday
  To A. L. Persuasions to Love.
  To an athlete dying young
  To An Isle In The Water
  To an old mate
  To any dead officer
  To Artina
  To baby
  To Be Carved On A Stone At Ballylee
  To Blossoms
  To buy a flower
  To Caroline
  To Critics
  To daffodils
  To Death
  To Dorothy Wellesley
  To Emily Dickinson
  To Evening
  To her father with some verses
  To him that was crucified
  To his dead body
  To His Heart, Bidding It Have No Fear
  To his love
  To his verse
  To his verse
  To Hope
  To Ireland In The Coming Times
  To Leonide Massine in
  To Leven-Water
  To Manon, Comparing Her To A Falcon
  To Marguerite
  To my bride
  To My Brother
  To My Brother
  To My Children
  To my dear husband
  To my Father
  To My Love
  To my Mother
  To my Mother
  To my Mother
  To my Mother
  To mystery land
  To nature
  To nature
  To Nature
  To One Who Would Make a Confession
  To Romance
  To Some I Have Talked With By The Fire
  To the Butterfly
  To the cuckoo
  To the East and to the West
  To The Lake
  To the Moon
  To The Moon
  To The Rose Upon The Rood Of Time
  To the sun door
  To the Tune of the Coventry Carol
  To the virgins, to make much of time
  To the Virtuosi
  To Victory
  To Youth
  To Youth
  Tom At Cruachan
  Tom O'Roughley
  Tom The Lunatic
  Too Have And Too Old
  Too Much Light
  Topsy Turvy World
  Torn In Shreds
  Torn In Shreds
  Torso of an Archaic Apollo
  Toward the Temple of Heaped Fragrance
  Towards Break Of Day
  Town and Country
  Tree and Sky
  Trench Duty
  Tres Morillas
  Tristram And Iseult
  True Love
  True Love
  Trysting Time
  Tumba Bloody Rumba
  Turn Back?
  Twelve months after
  Twenty Gallons of Sleep
  Twice Times
  Twickenham Garden
  Twilight Over Mtatsminda
  Twin Hills
  Two Aboriginal Songs
  Two Gossips
  Two Hundred years after
  Two Lovers And A Beachcomber By The Real Sea
  Two Men and a Maid
  Two Pictures
  Two Songs
  Two Songs From A Play
  Two Songs Of A Fool
  Two Songs Rewritten For The Tune's Sake
  Two Years Later
  Uncle Bill
  Uncle Bill
  Uncle Harry
  Uncle Jim
  Under Ben Bulben
  Under rose arches
  Under Saturn
  Under the dark and piny steep
  Under The Greenwood Tree
  Under the lime tree
  Under The Moon
  Under The Round Tower
  Under The Wattle
  Unending Love
  Unique Days
  Unlock The Land (an Australian Ballad)
  Unto This Last
  Up and down
  Up in the tree
  Up The Country
  Up There
  Upon A Dying Lady
  Upon A House Shaken By The Land Agitation
  Upon Julia's Arctics
  Upon Love
  Upon the road to rockabout
  Uriconium: an Ode
  Us two
  Variety Is The Spice Of Life
  Venus And Adonis
  Venus And Adonis
  Verbal Calisthenics
  Veronica's Napkin
  Veronica's Napkin
  Vields by Watervalls
  Villanelle of His Lady
  W is for Witch
  Waiting -- Afield At Dusk
  Waiting at the window
  Walkers with the dawn
  Walking Song
  Waltzing Matilda
  Washing Day
  Watching The Moon
  Water Colours
  Watercolor Of Grantchester Meadows
  Wattle and Myrtle
  We are seven
  We have a little garden
  We never said farewell
  We never said farewell
  We outgrow love like other things
  We shall keep the faith
  We Waves
  We're all Australians now
  Wedding Toast, From the parents of the Bride and Groom
  Wedding Toast, to the Bride (2)
  Wedding Toast, to the Bride and Groom (1)
  Wedding Toast, to the Bride and Groom (3)
  Wedding Toast, to the Bride and Groom (4)
  Wedding Toast, to the Bride and Groom (5)
  Wedding Toast, to the Bride and Groom (6)
  Wedding Toast, to the Bride and Groom (7)
  Wedding Toast, to the Groom
  Wedding Toast,to the Bride and Groom (8)
  Weep You No More, Sad Fountains
  Welcome Home
  West Of Fanny O'Dea's
  Westward Ho!
  What a Baby Costs
  What a Book! : to Calvus the Poet
  What Lips My Lips Have Kissed, And Where, And Why
  What makes a dad
  What Makes Summer?
  What the captain said at the point to point
  What the Owl Said to Me
  What Then?
  What Was Lost
  When Beauty Is Bald
  When Day Is Done
  When death comes
  When Father Played Baseball
  When Helen Lived
  When I
  When I have seen the Sun emerge
  When I Heard the Learn'd Astronomer
  When I was in love with you
  When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom'd
  When Love Is Lost
  When Lovely Woman
  When Mother cooked with Wood
  When One has given up One's life
  When so Dispoged
  When Spring Goes By
  When The Light Is As Darkness
  When The Sun's Behind The Hill
  When to her lute Corinna sings
  When we two parted
  When we went out with Grandmamma
  When you and I grow up
  When You Are Old
  Whene'er I See Those Smiling Eyes.
  Where does the Winter go?
  Where love once was
  Where love once was
  Where My Books go
  Where shall the lover rest
  Where shall the lover rest
  Where the mind is without fear
  Wherefore Art Thou Romeo?
  White Cockatoos
  Who Goes With Fergus?
  Who never lost
  Who occupies this House?
  Why do I love you sir
  Why Should Not Old Men Be Mad?
  Why the Jackass Laughs
  Wild Nights
  Will V-Day Be Me-Day Too?
  Will Yer Write It Down for Me?
  William And Bill
  Willy and his sister
  Wind and Window Flower
  Wind in the beechwood
  Wind O' The Autumn
  Wind of Spring
  Wind on the Hill
  Winds Of Autumn
  Windsor Forest
  Winter : A dirge
  Winter Days
  Winter Sleep
  Winter Song
  Winter Sunrise
  Winter Sunrise
  Winter Westerlies
  Winter: My Secret
  Wisdom of Hafiz: the Philosopher Takes to Racing
  Witches Chant (from Macbeth)
  With an Identity Disc
  With Child
  With How Sad Steps, O Moon, Thou Climb'st the Sky
  With the Cattle
  With the Cattle
  Wolf Cubs
  Wood Magic
  Woodman, Spare That Tree
  Words against Lesbia: to Furius and Aurelius
  Words Heard, By Accident, Over The Phone
  Wounded Cupid
  Wounded Cupid
  Wrestling Match
  Written in March
  Wuthering Heights
  Wynken, Blynken, and Nod
  Yankee Was A Bad Man, Yankee Was A Thief,
  Yellow Warblers
  Yesterday at the art show
  Yet, love, mere love, is beautiful indeed
  Yew -Trees
  Ymddiddan Myrtin a Talyessin
  You and I
  You and I
  You Smiled
  You'll love me yet
  Young Fellow My Lad
  Young Laughters, and My Music!
  Young Love
  Young Man's Song
  Your father's time has come to go
  Your Last Drive
  Your Last Drive
  Your Look Of Light
  Your Slander Is Sweet
  Youth And Age
  Youth And Age
  Yule Fever (With apologies to the King's Minstrel)
  Yusuf and Zuleikha (Excerpt 1)
  Yusuf and Zuleikha (Excerpt 3)

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