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Poet Name:  Robert Burns
Poet Biography:  Robert Burns was born in Alloway in Ayrshire in 1759 and died at the early age of 37 years in 1796. Robert Burns is one of Scotlandís most important literary figures (his life and work being celebrated each year) and is best known for his famous, and often humorous, songs and poetry. Written in the dialect of the time, even modern Scottish people struggle at times to understand the true meaning of his poems. Sometimes referred to as Scotlandís National Bard (poet)his work lives on in annual celebrations known as burns suppers. Life and Times
List of their Poems
A Bard's epitaph
A bottle and a friend
A Dream
A fiddler in the north
A Fiddler In The North
A grace after dinner
A grace before dinner
A Health To Ane I Loe Dear
A Lass Wi' A Tocher
A Man's A Man For A' That
A mothers lament
A mothers lament
A New Psalm For The Chapel Of Kilmarnock
A Red, Red Rose
A Rose-Bud By My Early Walk
A Stanza Added In A Mason Lodge
A Tippling Ballad
A vision
A Waukrife Minnie
A winter night
A winter night
Adam Armour's Prayer
Address To A Haggis
Address To Edinburgh
Address To The De'il
Address To The Shade Of Thomson
Address to the toothache
Address To The Unco Guid, Or The Rigidly Righteous
Address To The Woodlark
Address To The Woodlark
Address To The Woodlark
Ae a fond kiss
Ae a fond kiss
Ae a fond kiss
Ah, woe is me, my Mother dear
Altho' he has left me
Auld lang syne
Auld Rob Morris
Awa' Whigs, awa'
Ballad on the American War
Bannocks O' Bear Meal
Behold the Hour the Boat Arrives
Behold, My Love, How Green The Groves
Behold, My Love, How Green The Groves
Bessy And Her Spinnin' Wheel
Beware O' Bonnie Ann
Bonnie Peg-a-Ramsay
Braving Angry Winter's Storms
Braving Angry Winter's Storms
Braw Lads O' Gala Water
By Allan Stream
Ca' The Yowes To The Knowes
Castle Gordon
Charlie, He's my darling
Craigieburn Wood
Crowdie Ever Mair
Dainty Davie
Damon and Sylvia
Damon and Sylvia
Death and Doctor Hornbrook
Despondency: An ode
Despondency: An ode
Down the burn, Davie
Duncan Davison
Duncan Gray
Epistle to a young friend
Epistle To Colonel De Peyster
Farewell Eliza
Farewell Eliza
Farewell Song To The Banks Of Ayr
Farewell Thou Stream
Farewell Thou Stream
Fickle Fortune
For The Sake O' Somebody
For The Sake O' Somebody
Frae The Friends And Land I Love
Frae The Friends And Land I Love
Go On, Sweet Bird, And Sooth My Care
Go On, Sweet Bird, And Sooth My Care
Gudewife, Count The Lawin
Guid Ale keeps the heart aboon
Had I A Cave
Had I The Wyte? She Bade Me
Handsome Nell
Her Answer
Here's A Health To Them That's Awa
Here's His Health In Water
Here's To Thy Health
Hey the dusty miller
Highland Harry back again
Highland Mary
Holy Willie's Prayer
How lang and dreary is the night
I Do confess thou art sae fair
I dreamed
I gaed a waefu' gate yestreen
I Hae a wife of my ain
I Hae been at Crookieden
I love my love in secret
I reign in Jeanies bosom
I'll Go And Be A Sodger
I'll Meet Thee On The Lea Rig
I'm O'er Young To Marry Yet
In The Prospect Of Death
It is na Jean, Thy Bonie Face
It Was A' For Our Rightfu' King
John Barleycorn
John Barleycorn : A Ballad
Johnie Lad, Cock Up Your Beaver
Kellyburn Braes
Logan Braes
Love for Love
Love In The Guise Of Friendship
Love In The Guise Of Friendship
Love In The Guise Of Friendship
Masonic Song
Remorseful Apology
Tam o' Shanter
The holy fair
The Lament
To a mouse
Winter : A dirge

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