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A sonnet is quite simply a poem, but one which has a particular poetic form.
The term sonnet is derived from the Italian word sonetto and is commonly a poem of fourteen lines that follows a strict rhyme scheme and specific structure. The list of sonnets below originate from a wide variety of poets and include a variety of subjects.

Poetry Title Poet
  A Sonnet on Cervantes   Ruben Dario
  After-thought   William Wordsworth
  Coucy   Alan Seeger
  How do I love thee   Elizabeth Barrett Browning
  I lift my heavy heart up solemnly   Elizabeth Barrett Browning
  I loved   Alan Seeger
  I said I splendidly loved you   Rupert Brooke
  Love sonnet 18   William Shakespeare
  Love sonnet 2   William Shakespeare
  Methought I saw my late espoused saint   John Milton
  Mutability   William Wordsworth
  Sonnet 1   Alan Seeger
  Sonnet 130   William Shakespeare
  Sonnet 2 (Sonnet II)   Alan Seeger
  Sonnet 3 (Sonnet III)   Alan Seeger
  Sonnet 4 (Sonnet IV)   Alan Seeger
  Sonnet 5 (Sonnet V)   Alan Seeger
  Sonnet 6 (Sonnet VI)   Alan Seeger
  Sonnet 7 (Sonnet VII)   Alan Seeger
  Sonnet CCII:   George Henry Boker
  Sonnet I - I thought once how Theocritus had sung   Elizabeth Barrett Browning
  Sonnet II - But only three in all God's universe   Elizabeth Barrett Browning
  Sonnet III - Unlike are we, unlike, O princely Heart!   Elizabeth Barrett Browning
  Sonnet IV - Thou hast thy calling to some palace-floor   Elizabeth Barrett Browning
  Sonnet IX - Can it be right to give ..   Elizabeth Barrett Browning
  Sonnet LVII   William Shakespeare
  Sonnet Reversed   Rupert Brooke
  Sonnet VI -Go from me.   Elizabeth Barrett Browning
  Sonnet VII The face of all the world is changed   Elizabeth Barrett Browning
  Sonnet VIII - What can I give thee back   Elizabeth Barrett Browning
  Sonnet X - Yet, love, mere love....   Elizabeth Barrett Browning
  Sonnet XI - And therefore if to love....   Elizabeth Barrett Browning
  Sonnet XII - Indeed This Very Love   Elizabeth Barrett Browning
  Sonnet XIII - And wilt thou have me ..   Elizabeth Barrett Browning
  Sonnet XIV - If thou must love me ..   Elizabeth Barrett Browning
  Sonnet XIX - The soul's Rialto ..   Elizabeth Barrett Browning
  Sonnet XL - Oh, yes ! they love through   Elizabeth Barrett Browning
  Sonnet XL - Oh, Yes! They Love   Elizabeth Barrett Browning
  Sonnet XLI - I thank all who have loved..   Elizabeth Barrett Browning
  Sonnet XLII - My Future will not copy   Elizabeth Barrett Browning
  Sonnet XLIII - How do I love thee   Elizabeth Barrett Browning
  Sonnet XLIV - Belov   Elizabeth Barrett Browning
  Sonnet xxx   William Shakespeare
  That time of year   William Shakespeare
  Vivien   Alan Seeger
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